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The Preferred choice for MOST Salons

The Next Generation in Nail Enhancement Technology NexGen Nails FEEL and LOOK Natural and DO NOT DAMAGE the nailbed.  You will love the NEXGEN NAIL difference and you’ll love reaping the benefits that this exciting new high-end product. Along with Calcium and Vitamin E Fortified.

Image by allison christine

NexGen Color 


NexGen Pink & White (French) 


NexGen With Color Tips 


Tips Extensions 


Cozy Upgrade for NexGen  


***Cozy Upgrade includes cuticle trims and your choice of Collagen Gloves OR adds warm paraffin wax that is formulated to infuse moisture in your skin for a complete feeling of softness and comfort, followed by 10 minutes of hand and shoulders massage. 


Cuticle treatment

Paraffin Wax

Soy Candle




Soft drinks, Water, Wine, and Margarita are Complimentary

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